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Implementing Corporate Governance change management projects in Dubai, UAE and internationally

Implementing Corporate Governance change management projects successfully takes planning and time. When it comes to change initiatives it is vital you have the right transformation team in place. We pride ourselves on being the go to outsourced Dubai based change manager of choice for many organisations.  We work for a number of diverse companies of all sizes, some with offices throughout the UAE, others have regional or even international footprints. Our Dubai based Corporate Governance and Change Management experts are happy to provide project management assistance to your change inititative. Change management turnkey solutions provide a phased approach to manage your change initiative from inception to execution. When we sat turnkey solutions we mean we will work with you as your change management adviser and design a phased approach which is adapted to your business requirements:

Phase 1 – Project design and planning

Phase 2 – Communication design and communication rollout (various mediums)

Phase 3 – Employee engagement and buy-in (roadshows, workshops and briefings)

Phase 4 – Begin the change management implement project

Phase 5 – Communicate project progress and adjust plan according to circumstances

Phase 6 – Review and supercharge the change project to keep change agents engaged and employee momentum

Phase 7 – Finalise the change management project and formalise an operational team

Phase 8 – Form a transformation oversight steering committee to ensure the continued embedding and practical implementation and to set the governance framework to measure the success of the transformation changes.

Phase 9 – Revisit the transformation brief and see if the change is sit relevant and fit for purpose

Many small and medium sized businesses have the luxury of being able to make wholesale changes and they can move very quickly with limited bureaucracy or internal approvals required. Our role is to help guide your business through the change management minefield to avoid common pitfalls and areas of certain failure. Most change initiatives fail; it is imperative you choose the right partner to guide and work with your in-house team for the overall success of your project and embedding of the desired changes through the business. Our transformation and turnkey project management teams are on hand to design, monitor and execute your change initiatives and we are expert in coordinating third parties and contractors to effectively manage the delivery of their services as part of the overall project. As your turnkey solutions provider we are in essence your transformation project manager and we will guide you and your in-house team through the necessary steps required to successfully achieve the set objectives and scope of the transformation project. If you are not sure where to start or how to implement the changes your Board or Executive Management team have approved, then just reach out to us by email or telephone and we will provide you with our insights for your project.


Tania Anis - I've had the pleasure to see Robert in action on several events. His sessions are nothing short of being engaging and informative .It is always humbling to see a man with such expertise, willingly divulge his knowledge so thoroughly. Always a pleasure attending your sessions Robert. Thank you for your contributions to our successful events.

Jareen Kaur, Conference Producer-Large Scale Events, Functional at Marcus Evans Group

Robert enhanced the quality of my 5th Annual Directors’ Duties: Corporate & Family Boards conference in Dubai this year with his passion and dedication as a Speaker. He played a key role in my conference success with his excellent facilitation of the panel discussion on ‘Safeguarding Your Directorship Accountability Vs Personal Liabilities’.   Read More..

Irfan Butt, Tax Director – PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Great service on projects with full understanding of the complex subject matters without losing sight of the bigger picture and what the clients intended to achieve. No hesitation in recommending and appointing him again on projects with excellent and timely delivery of projects within the agreed timetable. Read More

Anke Plock-Girmann, Director at PwC ‘Jordan’, ACE

Robert was instrumental in forming the regional translators into a centralised virtual translation team and the use of software to capture know-how to improve efficiency and quality by creating a company brand of Arabic translation. During our work Robert advised on operational matters in the new department and served in a governance role.

Amanda Line, Partner at PwC

Robert has a deep knowledge of governance and compliance issues and is an expert in all company secretarial matters. He has great communications skills and made a significant contribution to our Corporate Governance and Board Readiness training initiatives.

Steven Barlow (Chief Officer Risk, Internal Audit, Governance)

Robert is a consummate corporate governance professional who provides highly effective company secretarial and advisory services to the Board. He drives discipline and rigor into processes which significantly strengthen the maturity of the Board’s activities and decision making.He successfully works with the Board members and the Group’s senior management to ensure strategic alignment and the implementation of best practice.

Sangeetha Kaur Nair (Senior Conference Producer at Marcus Evans)

I have worked closely with Robert on several events and it has always been a great pleasure. He was a remarkable chairperson at the recent 9th Annual Board Secretary Conference in Dubai, as he took charge and was excellent with engaging the delegates throughout the session. Robert’s knowledge on corporate governance is just excellent and he has a very positive attitude toward always willing to share and learn for future improvement… Thank you Robert for being a great leader and someone so easy to work with.

Farhana Majid, Director, Financial Services Transformation

Robert and I worked very closely on two high profile reviews for a sovereign wealth fund and a diversified investment company in the Middle East region.

He quickly built rapport with the client as the Legal subject matter expert on both the projects and engaged in thought provoking discussions around best in class corporate governance, compliance frameworks, legal department’s strategic remit as enablers for the business to move forward and policies and procedures review. Read More

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