Board evaluations & executive coaching

Our team of professionals provide consulting and advisory services to regional organisations and businesses in Dubai and the wider UAE. Listed and regulated companies are required by law, to conduct director evaluations as part of their corporate governance reporting. In this region, many family businesses operate under an established corporate governance framework which encourages good governance through director training and Board/Committee evaluations. Some of the larger companies operate with their holding company having a Board of Directors or an Executive Committee where the General Manager or the Chief Executive Officer of those subsidiary companies come and present business plans and proposals for consideration and approval.

We conduct Board evaluations and Director consulting and advisory services through a combination of methods which will be tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Some of these methods can take the form of a questionnaire, face to face interviews with the Directors and selected Senior Management team. Reports can provide an overall performance of the Board and its Committees and can provide information on the performance of Directors collectively or individually depending on your needs.

It may be that the Chairman or CEO want to receive the report and then present it at the next Board meeting or they request that we present the findings and provide recommendations for enhanced Board performance.

Having an independent consultant or team observe or evaluate your Board and its Committees will provide valuable insights and unbiased feedback. Whether you are looking to evaluate your Board and the Directors or have an independent professional attend and observe proceedings and provide feedback, we have a team to meet your requirements. We know the value of discretion and confidentiality when it comes to the performance of individual Directors, the Board as a whole, or the overall effectiveness of the Board’s performance.

We know that a Board or Committee can only be effective in decision making when Senior Management and their teams submit transparent and correct information for review and discussion. It is vital that Senior Management present information in the way the Board or Committee require and this is where we can add value in guiding management of how you want and need information to be set out. All too often, business plans and proposals are unwieldy documents, with no executive summary, no set decision sought or with key information, such as risks being buried in the middle of the document. We provide your executive team with coaching, to help them better understand the needs of Directors when it comes to what is required and how details should be presented.

Having a strategy and plan to efficiently gather information and collate it into a format, which is easy for Directors to review and make effective decisions, is vital for high performing Boards and Committees. If you want to speak confidentiality to one of the team please call or contact us through the contact form and someone will call you back.

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