Compliance Services

When it comes to compliance, people often think of a team who block and slow down transactions. The reality, the compliance team are looking at multiple aspects of the business and have an overview of the strategic and operational risks of the business. Our team of specialist cover compliance requirements in financial services and banking, company secretarial, regulatory, governance and IT compliance. If you are looking for guidance on internal controls, policies, procedures or very specific compliance requirements we have someone who can assist you.

Your minor IT project could breach some major licensing regulations and land the business in a trouble with regulators or the vendor for non-compliance. Maybe you are planning to transmit or store client data outside of your mandated jurisdiction or need to have a robust business continuity plan in place for your business, this is the time to contact the experts for guidance.

The compliance team (whether in-house or outsourced) are the balance to the commercial drive of the organisation to deliver on financial targets, revenues and profits.

Compliance can take many forms, maybe it is your Chief Technology Officer who is looking after licensing, data security and other IT related compliance, maybe your compliance team are embedded as part of your sales team, it could be that they are labelled as Corporate Affairs or even part of your contracts and procurement teams to minimise the risk of fraud and kickbacks.

The compliance areas we cover:

  • Statutory and company secretarial compliance
  • Named Compliance Officer services
  • Regulatory compliance services
  • IT and licencing compliance services
  • Outsourced Chief Technology Officer services
  • Outsourced named Company Secretary compliance and services
  • Design of compliance policies, procedures and checklists
  • Compliance testing and quality reviews
  • Ad hoc compliance projects


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