Human Resources Consulting Services

Human Resources Consulting Services

People are the most valuable asset of any company and organisational effectiveness lies in the degree of employee engagement and their understanding of the purpose of the business. Employees want to feel that they identify with a company’s purpose and the ethical stance of the business. Individuals want to be valued, fairly treated, developed, measured and rewarded based on set performance matrices.

Attracting, retaining and developing employees is vital to the continued growth and success of each business. This holds true whether, a business is in its infancy as an entrepreneurial start-up or an established multi-national company operating global. Human resource consulting services helps you unlock the potential of your human capital and we work with businesses, whether small or large, to maximise employee engagement. A fully engaged employee will have social responsibility to other employees and they will be client or customer focused to maintain quality services and stakeholder expectations.

Our main human resources consulting areas:

  • Succession planning – working to identify critical positions and mentor deputies
  • Diversity – have a diversity policy and actively provide access to females to senior
  • Middle management training – practical workshops
  • Senior management coaching –Provide guidance to senior management how to deal with the senior executives, the Board of Directors and their Committees.
  • Senior executive workshops – Provide practical advice and workshops to enhance transparency and how to gain the Board’s buy-in of their proposals and business plans.
  • Change management – Assist with the design, buy-in, implementation and embedding of transformational change initiatives.
  • Organisational design – Corporate structures that are fit for purpose and best suited to the business needs rather than being symmetrical or pretty organisation charts.
  • Board readiness training – working closely with senior executives who are soon to be or have recently been appointed to the Board of Directors.
  • Advisory services for chief executive officers and their office – to aid in due diligence and how to analyse management proposals, business plans and presentations to the Board of Directors or their Committees.

Having worked with myriad businesses across different industries and in various geographical locations, we know that there isn’t ‘a one size fits all’. It’s always an advantage to work with a consultant who has an arsenal of tried and tested human resource management strategies. When it comes to HR related projects we are passionate about corporate culture, people and change. Are you thinking of hiring a consultant to look at the organisational design, operational manual or functional reporting model? Our team can work with your in-house HR team as their strategic partner and provide fresh perspectives and act as a confidential sounding board.

Board Advisory

Board Advisory

Board Advisory

The Board of Directors is tasked with aligning the short, medium and long-term objectives with stakeholder expectations. The Board or Executive Committee of an organisation or group has the fiduciary duty to adhere to local laws and regulations and to ensure the safety of employees.

It’s been said that the only thing certain in life is change. In many cases, changes are very positive. That is true only if the change management is managed and well planned all the way from the Boardroom to execution.

Change management has become part of the business strategy for organisations, regardless of size and more Boards are considering the impact of change initiatives that fail. Our team will advisethe Board and Senior Executive time and assist your operational teams to transition to any type of change more rapidly and more effectively. Design, planning and implementation are vital elements to ensureyour organisation benefits from an organised change management process where the changes are introduced, worked through and understood completely by every party involved in the change. When large and sweeping changes are in the works for your business, your team could benefit from a change manager to provide training, coaching and to act as an independent sounding board. We can provide your company with the change management training in Dubai that you need to accomplish a seamless transition for any changes throughout your organisation. With approximately 60% – 70% of change programs failing it is vital to get the assistance of trained change management and project managers to guide and form part of your transformation leadership team.

Our team provide advisory services to Boards and Executive Management teams in Dubai, UAE and wider Middle East region. We pride ourselves on providing insights, thoughtful leadership and expert guidance when your business is considering the implementation of a change and the governance impacts. Robert Ford, the Managing Partner has assisted numerous businesses with strategic planning and worked with theirSenior Executives for planning, implementation and management of major changes. Whether you are contemplating an organisational change, cultural change, a change in your processes or systems or a full IT software or IT infrastructure change; we can help you with the strategic planning, communication design and assistance through each implementation stage.

Key areas are considered when looking at any change initiative:

  • Change design;
  • Timeline;
  • Communication planning and roadshows or townhall meetings for buy-in;
  • Identification and engagement of key change agents;
  • Optimal organisational design;
  • Cultural awareness and culture change planning;
  • Changes to IT systems and software;
  • Changes to procedures, policies and handbooks;
  • The need for workshops and briefing sessions;
  • Changes to key personnel or delegation of authority;
  • Training requirements; and
  • Strategy design for implementation.
Business Strategy Planning

Business Strategy Planning

Identifying the right strategic plan, having an implementation plan and monitoring successful implementation is vital to forming the best organisational structure and functions. One size really doesn’t fit all, the more complex the business and products lines the more vital it is to have a bespoke structure which may even be a mix of different models based on the optimal design required. When it comes to setting strategy, corporate culture and directing employees and management down a new road it is imperative you get engagement and choose the right team to implement transformational change across the group and at each business unit.

Change management is a business strategy that can be used to assist your business transition to any type of change more rapidly and more effectively in Dubai or any of the Emirates. Employees, teams, and entire organisations can benefit from an organised change management training process where the changes are introduced, worked through and understood completely by every party involved in the change. Employee engagement and buy-in is pivotal to maintain momentum and you will need to identify key change agents to support the transformation plans step by step. When it comes to planning, strategizing and communicating sometimes an independent team can bring fresh ideas and challenge to the plans being formulated. Organisations can generally classified under four main headings:

  • Defenders – seek stability and usually have a very narrow range of products in a narrow segment of the potential market. Tries to block new entrants and has a centralised training function for ‘building’ human resources.
  • Prospectors – establish and develop new markets and try to enter before other competitors ‘acquire’ human resources. Training is limited to acquiring skills and acquire from the market.
  • Analysers – They wait until market conditions are viable and adopt a matrix with training functions on ‘allocating’ human resources and provide gap analysis of the skills needed and training programmes are internally delivered for employees and management.
  • Reactors – exhibit inconsistency in their strategies. Training and development is impacted based on the strategy employed. Miles, R. E. and Snow, C. C. (1984) ‘Designing Strategic Human Resources Systems’, Organizational Dynamics 13(1): 36-52

When complex and extreme changes are in the works for your business, a change manager and executive coach would be the perfect complement to support your transformation team. Dubai Computer Services can provide your company with the change management training that you need to accomplish a seamless transition to implement and embed strategic change. The Computer Services Dubai team are experienced practitioners who have successfully worked with large multi-national organisations to implement large scale change projects across different jurisdictions simultaneously.

We thrive on working on complex and challenging change management and strategic planning projects. The best thing about working of different projects is that no organisation is the same, and even similar or equally sized businesses in the same market sector will intrinsically differ. This is the beauty of working in this space, the diversity and nuances can be subtle or clearly apparent. The corporate culture and strategic direct will impact the direction the business needs to travel to consistency apply the mission and vision of the organisation and institutionalize the strategy. When it comes to formulating a business and strategic plan it is also worth spending some time considering enterprise risk management and how to mitigate risks to secure the success of the implementation of your strategy and business plan objectives. If you are not sure how to set your risk appetite and tolerances across each business unit or need advice on how to measure your risks according to set measurement then contact the experts.

Maybe you are starting to think of changing your strategic direction, or in the midst of a change initiative and need a safe pair of hands to rely on, the consulting team are just a call or email away. We would love to be a part of your transformation project team and even advise on your governance framework options to help with the organisational objectives of the business.

Board evaluations & executive Coaching

Board evaluations & executive Coaching

Our team of professionals provide consulting and advisory services to regional organisations and businesses in Dubai and the wider UAE. Listed and regulated companies are required by law, to conduct director evaluations as part of their corporate governance reporting. In this region, many family businesses operate under an established corporate governance framework which encourages good governance through director training and Board/Committee evaluations. Some of the larger companies operate with their holding company having a Board of Directors or an Executive Committee where the General Manager or the Chief Executive Officer of those subsidiary companies come and present business plans and proposals for consideration and approval.

We conduct Board evaluations and Director consulting and advisory services through a combination of methods which will be tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Some of these methods can take the form of a questionnaire, face to face interviews with the Directors and selected Senior Management team. Reports can provide an overall performance of the Board and its Committees and can provide information on the performance of Directors collectively or individually depending on your needs.

It may be that the Chairman or CEO want to receive the report and then present it at the next Board meeting or they request that we present the findings and provide recommendations for enhanced Board performance.

Having an independent consultant or team observe or evaluate your Board and its Committees will provide valuable insights and unbiased feedback. Whether you are looking to evaluate your Board and the Directors or have an independent professional attend and observe proceedings and provide feedback, we have a team to meet your requirements. We know the value of discretion and confidentiality when it comes to the performance of individual Directors, the Board as a whole, or the overall effectiveness of the Board’s performance.

We know that a Board or Committee can only be effective in decision making when Senior Management and their teams submit transparent and correct information for review and discussion. It is vital that Senior Management present information in the way the Board or Committee require and this is where we can add value in guiding management of how you want and need information to be set out. All too often, business plans and proposals are unwieldy documents, with no executive summary, no set decision sought or with key information, such as risks being buried in the middle of the document. We provide your executive team with coaching, to help them better understand the needs of Directors when it comes to what is required and how details should be presented.

Having a strategy and plan to efficiently gather information and collate it into a format, which is easy for Directors to review and make effective decisions, is vital for high performing Boards and Committees. If you want to speak confidentiality to one of the team please call or contact us through the contact form and someone will call you back.