Corporate governance training experts – Professional Governance Consulting and Corporate Training Workshop Facilitators 

Corporate governance training expertise comes through experience and by utilising experts to facilitate our courses – Governance Gurus provide accredited courses through corporate governance training experts. Our team of professionally qualified and experienced trainers and advisers work with the Board of Directors, the CEO and the Senior Executive team, including the Company Secretary or Chief Governance Officer. Adding value through accredited continue professional development corporate training and masterclass workshops for a tailored learning experience.

Professional training experts

As corporate governance training experts we know professional corporate governance training is a key element for any organisation to learn and grow together. Corporate governance is vital at every level of each organisation irrespective of the size of the business.

All businesses need to start thinking about a professional corporate governance training plan to ensure that employees, executives and directors get access to relevant and up to date knowledge and facilitated learning. Organisations that align their strategy, corporate culture and business objectives within an agreed corporate governance framework are usually the most successful and sustainable businesses. We know the value of continued learning for employees throughout the organisation, this learning can be through on the job training or a combination of facilitated in-house corporate training and external masterclasses and workshops.

Investing in your employees through corporate training

Organisations which invest in their employees by sending them on bespoke in-house corporate training or on professionally facilitated masterclasses find that employees are more engaged and committed. Learning and development is a core pillar in succession planning and career advancement, this in turn leads to a pipeline of highly skilled and knowledgeable employees at different levels across the business.

We pride ourselves as being one of the top accredited continued professional development (CPD) trainers and workshop providers in Dubai and the Middle East. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals provide interactive and engaging training masterclasses for directors, senior executives and company secretaries. This is through case studies, group exercises and open-mic sessions for sharing thought leadership and strategic thinking. We also provide corporate training masterclasses and workshops internationally, we mainly cover the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South East Asia but are happy to travel to other locations and training your teams in-house.

Governance Gurus has brought together some of the leading minds on corporate governance, change management, human resource management and corporate culture. The team are passionate about designing, implementing and embedding governance frameworks, internal controls and policies to improve processes, systems and business performance.Our subject matter gurus regularly speak at conferences, seminars and at breakfast briefings. They also facilitate corporate training masterclasses and workshops across the following disciplines: corporate governance, advanced company secretarial skills, risk management and compliance frameworks, human resource consulting, executive coaching and leadership.

Finding the right training partner is vital for ensuring effective training and professional facilitation for the workshops and courses your employees attend.

Experts in corporate governance and training

Corporate Governance Advisory

Governance is about a journey of excellence over the lifecycle of a business. During a business’s lifecycle there will surely be stumbles, falls and mistakes. The question is, will lessons be learnt or will the same mistakes and failures be repeated?

Governance & Entity Management Solutions

We offer bespoke services for private client and corporates looking to build or develop a corporate governance framework or strengthen internal controls and processes.

Governance Frameworks

All business, whether big or small have a governance framework. Usually businesses don’t call their processes, systems and internal controls as a governance framework, but this is exactly what it is.

Compliance Services

When it comes to compliance, people often think of a team who block and slow down transactions. The reality, the compliance team are looking at multiple aspects of the business and have an overview of the strategic and operational risks of the business.

Change Management

Change Management & Business Strategies

People & Change

Turnkey Solutions

Corporate culture and an organisation’s risk appetite and tolerances set the tone for employees, senior management and the Board. Organisations also need to manage relations with their stakeholders and shareholders. This can be successfully achieved through human resource management, employee engagement and performance measurement and rewards. Change management and business transformation projects can only be successful through sufficient planning, effective communication and by getting buy-in at all levels of the organisation. Most change initiatives fail due to a lack of urgency, reduced momentum or ineffective planning and communication. Our experienced transformation gurus will help you design and project manage your change imitative to maximise the success rate of the change management project. As corporate governance training experts we help directors and management teams understand culture.

Corporate Governance training and consulting experts in Dubai and Malaysia
Corporate governance training experts for online leadership and governance experts for webinar training

Should you use corporate governance training experts? Whether you need to change your corporate culture or the perceptions of your stakeholders’ with respect of your core values and business objectives, we can add fresh perspectives and ideas to help design and implement sustained cultural business strategy. Change management is the thread which engages and empowers employees to apply human capital policies and procedures as part of the overall all corporate governance framework. Client centric and engaged employees, who are socially responsible. Engaged employees are also extremely valuable human capital assets who help an organisation achieve its objectives. An organisation is only successful through engaged, experienced and a knowledgeable workforce. This is the reason professional corporate governance training should form part of your strategic plan for sustainability, succession and excellence.

Our team of professionally qualified and experienced advisers would be delighted to work with your organisation, department or team. If you want us to provide your teams with a tailored in-house workshop or provide strategic thinking and support to a change initiative get in touch here.

What People Are Saying

Are corporate governance training experts needed? Our masterclass courses and in-house training programmes are best in class and we tailor the training specifically to the needs of delegates and even adapt the learning outcomes to fit with the expectations of delegates. Here are just a few quotes from happy delegates:

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